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Our Founders

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A Message From Our Founders

After working with a couple local business we figured out quickly we had an idea that everyone needed to see. We know that data is the most important part of any growing business. Our goal is to extract and utilize that data, then educating our clients on business decisions that bring in higher profit margins.

Josh Hunter

Founder | President

Some people have everything in life given to them, other’s like me work for it. The only difference is Drive. After starting my first business in 2010 and successfully running it for 5 years I had a feeling of self accomplishment, a feeling of rightenenous but I knew something was missing. Helping people grow their business and achieve success became my drive. I knew, if I did this I too could reach success.

Drive, Yeah I Got Drive!

I worked for alot of people. I’ve also owned multiple business’s. What I know now is you got to do what you love. Do that and the money will come.

Mike Weremchuk

Vice President

I am a loyal and caring person who loves to help others build success. I spent years working for “the man” with little job satisfaction. I spent years in University, studying psychology and business; building my experience and widening my understanding. I wanted to be apart of something bigger, a company whose mission was to grow alongside the clients it works with. We designed SEO Engin with these values in mind, building success for all. A fire was lit and I found my true passion and purpose.

Respect is how to treat everyone,
not just those you want to impress.

Richard Branson